Hi there,
Im a carer for both parents (separately) sometimes finding it a bit overwhelming. Father has dementia, mother very limited mobility. I also work full time. Hoping to come here for occasional advice, particularly for my Dad as I find dealing with dementia a struggle sometimes, and maybe the odd rant! (hopefully not though!) Feeling better already knowing theres so many of you out there in a similar situation. I have no one in my family/friends circle who understand my situation.

Welcome to the forum. Lots of options possible, but it really depends on the answers to the following questions:-

How old are you, and your parents?
Do you live with them?
Do they own, or rent their home?
What disability benefits are they getting?
Outside help?
Do they have over £46,000 between them (Yes/No)?
Do you need more help?
When did you last have a holiday?!

Hi Jackie
Welcome to CUK, this is a really supportive forum but for dementia issues I would also recomend the Alzheimer Society’s forum Talking Point

They deal with all types of dementia and not just Alzheimers- I really wish they would change their name!