Hello I just joined. Please threat me kindly.

Hi Landy,
Are you a fan of Solihull products by any chance?? What age?


Welcome! I care for my Mum with Alzheimer’s and until last year my Dad who had complex needs resulting from a neurological illness. I also have 2 small children and like walking our silly dog. I also work part time.

Hi Sally, welcome to the forum.
Two small children and a mum with dementia is really tough, are you aware that you are termed a “sandwich” carer?!

How old is mum? Is she getting outside help? Do you have power of attorney for her?
Is she claiming Attendance Allowance, and exemption from Council Tax on the grounds of “Severe Mental Impairment”? Sorry, it’s a horrible term, but the official one.

Hello and welcome!

Has mum had a needs assessment or not? If not, call the local council tomorrow to request one. A social worker can do a assessment with you on her behalf at your house. They should also do a financial assessment to see what you can realistically afford as well. Make the most of it. It is your chance to be candid and explain everything.

I’m sure you know this already, you are technically a kinship or family carer. What about power of attorney? I recommend trying to sort out the paperwork now before it is too late to do so. A good solicitor can help you deal with that. See if you can find a local solicitor in your area tomorrow.

Are you aware you can claim attendance allowance for her? Also you can apply on the grounds of severe mental impairment for exemption from council tax. I care for my little brother with a physical impairment. When was the last time you had a break? Me time is so crucial for unpaid carers. Without me time, I would resent it. Even if it is only a hour spent on your own doing some much needed food shopping or at work, it still counts.


you are technically a kinship or family carer. >

A separate thread especially for kinship carers which maybe of assistance to you in that role :

Hello Sally

I care for my 80 year old husband. It is a lovely Forum with lots of support and advice available, and yes, we are all kind. I have Norwegian Forest cats and love showing them and very occasionally breeding them. I do find caring very isolating and the only people who understand are those who have been in a similar situation.

Do you have alocal Carers Group? I cannot easily get out but I did have a Telephone Befriender and that really helped.Sadly she retired due to ill health and I am waiting for a new one. It is an option to help re support locally.

How are you today?