New Carer here...


Been caring for my mum who has Alzheimer’s for 3 months now. She moved in with myself and my wife and I have had to give up work etc… Not easy.
I’m looking for advice around mum’s money / savings and how she might be able to help support bills / expenses (since I gave up work).
If someone could point me in the ‘right direction’ I would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Paul, welcome to the forum.
To answer your question we need a bit more information.

Did mum own or rent her home before she moved in with you?
Do you have any siblings?
Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance?
Was she claiming exemption from Council Tax?
Does she have over £23,000 in savings (Yes/No)

Hi & Welcome Paul

For Mum

For you and your family

If you haven’t had needs assessments done by the social services, get that booked.
They will assess your mothers needs and yours and talk about the future with them i.e what happens if your mother needs more specialist care.

As yet you haven’t answered my earlier questions.
The answers were crucial before we can give any accurate response to “where do we go from here?”

Hi Paul
I hope you have found information here useful.
I’ve done this quote to alert you that you have replies.

Answers above!