My name is Ann Sword and I’m 76. My husband had part of his lung removed a couple of years ago and has emphysema so is struggling to get around and he has another spot but not sure if cancer returned. He now has a permanent catheter due to prostrate problems. He has early dementia to add to his problems. It hit home just before Christmas the reality of our life now. I work from home which gives me communication with people and things to think of other than caring

Hi Anne,
Welcome to the forum. Can I suggest that you change your forum name so you are not identifiable?

I knew someone with emphysema, very difficult to cope with. As your husband has early dementia, and prostate cancer, that’s a huge challenge for you.
Is your husband claiming Attendance Allowance, and you, Carers Allowance?
Claiming exemption from Council Tax - dementia counts as “severe mental impairment”.
Do you have power of attorney?
Any help from the NHS or Social Services?

Definitely try to find out about claiming Carer’s Allowance. It will make it possible for you to get some help with the numerous tasks and things you are faced with.
I’m still unsure myself how to arrange for a Carer’s Assessment and what exactly they assess.
Hope things go well for you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Amble and Bowlingbun as Ann is 76 and probably claiming her State Pension she is unable to apply for Carers Allowance (state pension and CA are classified as overlapping benefits.)

However she should look into into claiming Attendance Allowance for him.

Ooops Susie, missed that. Many apologies, after a series of bad nights, I’m apparently not thinking straight.

Attendance Allowance and Council Tax Exemption should still be possible, neither are means tested.

What about a Carers’ Assessment? Would that help? I’m not quite sure what it entails.

Hi just joined I care for my husband who has cognitive impairment is insulin dependent arthritis in lots of his joints I myself have COPD and suffer with fibromyalgia very tough going at times but try to stay positive what we can’t change work with and write another chapter in life’s book :open_book: