Hi, I’m new on here, I care for my husband who has Parkinsons and Dementia. I look forward to getting and giving any help I can

Hi Mintee, welcome to the forum.

Are you aware of:-

Attendance Allowance?

Sever Mental Impairment exemption from Council Tax?
Your right to a Carers Assessment from Social Services?


welcome to the forum. :laughing:

I hope we can be of support to you. I’m sure others will benefit in turn, from the advice you give.



Welcome to the forum. I care for my Mum with Alzheimer’s and until recently my Dad who also had a neurological illness and dementia. He died in February. I’ve found the forum a huge support. Like many people finding their way here I was at breaking point when i arrived, and the forum has helped me to accept that I couldn’t do it all. And to stop feeling guilty (sad, but not guilty).

Is your husband at home? Do you have any help?

Thanks for the welcome. My husband is at home and no I don’t have any help but I’m going to look into respite, I’m only just realising I don’t have to feel guilty not doing everything.
I did apply for the council tax reduction but my husbands GP wouldn’t sign the form because his mental impairment isn’t severe enough. I am aware of the Carers Assessment but I had forgotten about Attendance Allowance which I will look into, thank you.
Just being in contact with people who understand is supportive.

Accepting someone “strange” into the house is difficult. If you make out that the “cleaner” (from a care agency) is there to help YOU rather than the caree, to start with, to do the vacuuming, bathroom, etc. etc. because then you have more time for him, that is often easier. Then you can “just pop out” for longer periods.

Is your husband in receipt of DLA/PIP for his conditions.

How long ago did you speak with his doctor?

Thank you Bowling bun I was wondering how to introduce help.
My husband was on DLA Sunny disposition but had to change to PIP,
My husbands GP speaks to him not me

Do you have Power of Attorney?

Yes I do have Power of Attorney.
Yes he does receive PIP
It was 4 months since seeing the GP, we see the consultant and Parkinsons nurse more than the GP

If it includes the “Health and Welfare” make sure the GP has a copy, so that he knows you have a right to have full details of any medical matters.

Am I missing something here…

If you have power of attorney is because it’s necessary…

So why can’t the g.p. sign the form for council tax benefit reduction.
Maybe some else on here can help answer this question.

Otherwise I would contact Carers UK helpline and ask the question.

If your husband’s consultant says your husband has Lewy Bodies Dementia, then maybe he would agree to write to that effect. If the GP won’t talk to you and won’t sign the form, maybe it’s time to find a more helpful GP?