Newbie to Carers UK and Forum

Hi. I’ve just joined Carers UK and thought I’d tell you a little about myself and see if I can get some advise on how do I prove I am a carer.
I’ll be 64 later this year and my father will be 92 in a couple of weeks time and still lives independently. He has mobility issues but is still able to drive, albeit a couple of miles from his house to get lunch (he doesn’t cook & this is now stopped) and then sit by the sea. Since my late mother passed away in 2012 I started doing his cleaning and some washing etc. I had to give up work due to osteoarthritis and have had two full knee replacements. Because I couldn’t work I applied for ESA and although I wasn’t eligible for benefits my NI contributions are paid. In October 2018 my father had a fall in his first floor flat and was hospitalised for 2 weeks. Since then we managed to set him up in the flat downstairs (which I owned) and he moved into that in Jan 2019. Following this he is permanently catheterised and I do the weekly change of his leg bag I now do his shopping, banking, washing and any extra cleaning required (have a cleaner comes in every two weeks for two hrs). We have Care Call set up too. I also take him to dental, GP and hospital appointments. I am an only child, I have LPAs and am sole/primary carer for my father. He has received Attendance Allowance for several years now. My query is how do I prove that I am a carer as I am not eligible for Carer’s Allowance? I don’t want to claim any benefits but would like to know how I prove my status as a Carer. My query has come from the fact that Sainbury’s Supermaket are allowing elderly and carers in early 3 mornings a week. My father doesn’t get up until midday! When I queried with the local Sainbury’s Supermarket what was needed as proof they said it would be receipt of Carer’s Allowance. Luckily I have managed to get the things I need but I’m trying to keep my distance from others and my father, hopefully I can continue to get what I need. Would hate to carry anything back to him.
Sorry if I’ve gone on too long. Just wanted to give a picture of my situation & hopefully get some advice. Thanks.

Unfortunately there is no universal ID document to prove status as a family/friends Carer !

Some local authorities can/do provide a card you can carry which indicates that there is vulnerable person at home if you should be taken ill or involved in an accident whilst out. It might be worthwhile contacting your local Adult Services department to see if they operate such a scheme.

You say you aren’t eligible for Carers Allowance ? But you might be !

You can claim CA if you are not claiming your state pension and do not earn more than (currently) £123 per week providing that the person you are caring for is claiming one of the qualifying benefits. Attendance Allowance is one of the qualifying benefits and, if he isn’t already, your Father certainly sounds entitled to claim for it.

Have a read through of CUK’s factsheet on Carers Allowance to double check

(by the way when I shopped at my local Sainsburys during the “elderly” hour on Monday the staff at the door weren’t asking anyone for any form of ID !)

Copy your dad’s Attendance Allowance letter and take that with you. They shouldn’t be difficult about this.

Thanks for your reply. I receive an occupational pension that takes me just above the £123 per week. My dad’s already receives Attendance Allowance. Cheers.

Thanks for this, will sort out a copy in case I need to try it. Cheers.