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Hi All

I’m Trish and became a carer by accident for my Father who is now 95. Dad came down to stay with us in Surrey in October - for a week or two. 10 months later he’s still here and won’t be leaving - at least not to go back to living alone in Cheshire.

Dad was coping fine on his own (fiercely independent) until while here he had a fall in October - no breakages but it really affected his stability, mobility and showed up how vulnerable he really was. My husband and I decided (in consultation with my brother who has EPA) he would stay with us indefinitely. I was at work 4 days a week and Dad coped OK during the day, but loved the company and good food he gets here!

We got through 90% of lockdown fairly well - with a few small scale night falls but no serious injury. Then on 14th July Dad got over ambitious with his walker and fell backwards - we now know he has a fractured pelvis. He was admitted to hospital - but given a “managed recovery” diagnosis - so no surgery. Then returned to us at home a week later.

In retrospect I was foolish - excited to have him back in time for his 95th birthday - I didn’t particularly question whether he was ready and whether I could cope! In retrospect the answer to both those was NO! But I have.

We were given an alleged 6 week re-enablement support package - but I’m being put under immense pressure to finish it early and move to self funded carer support. I’ll have loads of questions for the experienced among you - but for now just saying hello!

No, they have absolutely no right to put pressure on to end the free reablement package early, in fact, the six weeks can be extended under certain circumstances.
It would be dad who paid for the care, not you. Is he claiming Attendance Allowance? If not, sort this out asap.
There is also another sort of free care, called NHS Continuing Healthcare, for people who are very ill. Have a look at their Checklist Assessment and see if you think he would qualify, it’s something of a postcode lottery I’m afraid.
Google “Paying for care” and look at the dot gov pages. It’s a big subject, all covered by the 2014 Care Act. Normally I could do more, but my grandson is staying with me for 4 days.
Hopefully, this will point you in the right direction, and CUK’s helpline should be able to offer further advice.
Would you prefer dad to go to a nursing home until he’s more able?