Newbie query

Hi there all,

I’m an informal carer to my mother, who is over 70, and lives with me (in England).
I need to help her with food prep, food handling, household tasks, food shopping and help checking BMs
I work in the NHS, community service with patient contact.
The govt advice is not clear wrt whether a health care worker like me should be social distancing from my very vulnerable caree.
Wondered what others here with a similar case are doing and what weblinks you used as references.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Nasir, welcome to the forum and I hope you’re keeping well.

Is the guidance you’re referring to this one? ‘Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19?’ see here: Guidance for people previously considered clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 - GOV.UK

If you can’t find the answer in there and need further advice, it may be worth emailing our Advice team at

Thanks for the welcome and the link. I hope your safe and well too.
A few days ago an sure the govt said the elderly should be shielding and for 3 months.


I remember the advice clearly as I am also in the vulnerable group.

I am under 70 but with underlying health condition

Those like me and anyone over 70 should shield for 12 weeks.

Not supposed to go to shops or anything like that .

I have one short walk a day though.

Hubby and boys shielding too.

No point in putting them at risk as it puts me at risk.

If your mum has certain underlying medical conditions as well as being over 70 then she could be in the extremely vulnerable group and I believe they are not supposed to go out at all for 12 weeks

Do double check to be sure.

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