Lockdown: supporting a vulnerable person outside "bubble"

Hi folks,
I hope your day is going well.

Were a family of 6 which includes 2 on the previous “high risk/shielding” list for COVID - My Mum whose 83 and has Alzheimers & Vascular Dementia and our disabled daughter.

On the gov.uk website it states that there are exceptions to the rule of 6, one being “providing support to a vulnerable person”.

As we have 2 vulnerable persons in our household do you think I’m safe, from the law’s point of view, if we have another lockdown to this time allow my sister to visit and support/help care for my Mum as a vulnerable person? and someone do the same for my daughter?

Many thanks Abi

Hi Abi,

We cannot give legal advice on here as we are all family/friend carers like you. However, my understanding is:

If you are in tier 1, the safest legal way to do it, would for someone from your household to go out (shopping, exercise etc) if your sister was coming round or someone was coming round to assist your daughter.

The full exemptions are listed here under according to which tier you fall on under ; Living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID-19 - GOV.UK


Hi Melly1, it kind of confirms what I was thinking. My hubby would be at work in the day when one person would visit so that’s good. I’ll check out the website, thanks