Self isolating

Having just heard the latest guidelines about people with chronic conditions self isolating for 12 weeks, I am very mindful that the Carers of these people have not been mentioned at all!
I’m sure there are many in my situation who live and care for their husbands or wives. I am a healthy 65 year old, so am I supposed to be isolated too? If not I run the risk of infecting my husband. I don’t work but I have to go out to get food and what about his hospital appointments?

I have the same issues Valerie. I’m sole and full time Carer for my Mum,who is 89 and has COPD. When these measures come in at the end of the week,I don’t know if I can still go out and get her shopping and medication,or if I have to self isolate too. I’m sure over the coming days some guidance will be given,but I’ve watched TV news and looked on the Public Health England website and there is nothing about ‘unpaid carers’,just Carers coming in from either council or private companies. Yet again,we’re invisible and ignored! Good luck.

Hi Valerie, I am also in my sixties -64 and am the full time career of my
Husband who has multiple sclerosis and is 73 so he is vulnerable and needs to isolate for 4 months. Like you I am wondering does this mean I can’t see my children or grandchild or anybody else in case they pass it onto me and then my husband gets it or I am too ill to look after him. What a nightmare this all is. Another thing is that we have a young dog who needs loads of expertise - I have family and friends who would exercise her but could her coat become contamined if anyone had the virus me and my husband love to pet her. Hope someone can give us some answers hopefully more information will filter through.
Take care everyone

Hello Everyone,
I am carer to my partner. I don’t do any paid work, just the usual caring stuff. On the subject of self isolation I think as a carer who has no symptoms you can pop out and get errands done, maintaining safe distance from others where possible. I plan to take my partner on short walks around the neighbourhood as exercise is needed and blows the cobwebs off.
I’m noticing that the constant bombardment of news and confusing instructions are not doing my already fragile nerves any good. I have turned off the news feed on my phone and other devices and try not to listen to too much on the tv/radio, but I can feel my own anxiety rising steadily. I’m normally a calm optimistic person but I don’t know how much more I can take.

I am 61 but have asthma and influenza is my trigger for symptoms. My Mum lives 30 miles away and has 4 carer visits a day but I am responsible for her food shopping, other shopping, appointments, finances and house cleaning. I am very frightened of catching the virus but dont know what to do about my caring roll. Can anyone help?

Hello in-stitches
I think I’ll have to stop watching these as well as I keep breaking down in tears and my anxiety levels are sky high.

Just hope that more information comes out about what we can and can’t do with long periodisolation for those we care for it’s so unclear.



Same position. Husband 81 and I do not think I could totally self isolate for 3 or 4 months without totally losing my sanity. I am 58 and fairly healthy. I think for me it is trying to be sensible because I too have to collect perscriptions and deal with things as I do not do everything online. Hopefully shops will have things in place that helps reduce the risks .

I do feel our own needs need to be taken into account. I would love to get involved in community things helping others but not sure what the risk would be to my husband .

I live with and look after my 90 yr old mum, I also work part time , no carers allowance. . Have been advised by work that staff who live with vulnerable people can request to use holiday time to self isolate or request unpaid leave . Either way we lose out . Considering handing in my notice anyway and become her full time Carer. Very worried about bringing the virus home.

My brother is my caree.
We have stocked up on his medication and art supplies now and I am aware of our finances too. I have also discussed the situation and talked about options with my partner and friends as well. We are self isolating ourselves this weekend only to start with and see what happens as a result of that. Tomorrow I have to buy more tins of milk, eggs, bread, and other important items. I will also pick up a newspaper. I have made a list of activities too. Questions remain.

Hi everyone, I’m 69 and in the same situation. Mum is 91 no longer mobile since breaking her hip several years ago and has dementia, I have lived with her for the last seven years. One of my daughters usually comes two mornings a week so I can go shopping…Sunday she comes with a grandson and two great grandchildren for lunch. What happens now and how do I go shopping? Our situations already isolate us so much from ‘normal’ activities but losing actual physical family contact will be very difficult. Fingers crossed (and hands thoroughly washed) we will get through it. Good luck everyone.

Hello, dear! I feel you so much. We are all in that now. I usually order food from different delivery services. They help me a lot. Of course, I want to meet my friends, but due to age, I understand it is better to stay at home. Thanks to the Internet for all the opportunities to communicate with the world. My son sometimes comes to me, and we see each other through the window. He has found a new job after he lost his last one.

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