Shielding the elderly

Hi, I live with and care for my mum who is 94. As we are shielding her the best approach would seem to be that I shield myself too. As I have just retired I am able to do this.
Where possible, is this the approach that other people in a similar position are taking?

Sorry started to reply to you and because not techno savy lost what I was saying so my husband is also extremely vulnerable yes that is what I am trying to do the same. However it is not simple.

My husband is nearly 81 and has just been diagnosed with brochiestasis which could make him vulnerable. Since he was only diagnosed after a scan last Monday, we have not had the letter saying he is okne of the 1.5 million vulnerable people. I have used internet shopping for years as I do not drive,but now struggling to get slots despite having registered with an additional supplier - already registered with 2.

So really, I cannot shield my husband as I need to go out and get food. Also pay bills, get money out, post some payments. I try to take sensible precautions re washing hands. But I am slightly fatalistic. I also have to pick up my own perscription as we get his delivered but are at different GP Surgeries.

I think we all have to do the best we can in our own circumstances. I also have to say that even in these dreadful circumstances, it really helps to leave the house for essential things. That said, in my area people are good re the social distancing which does help a lot. ,