Live in carer looking for advice

I wanted to start a forum to ask any advice from others and see if others share my situation.
I am currently a live-in carer for my 91 year old mum.

As the government have now confirmed that anyone over the age of 70 should think of self-isolating I am concerned with my mum’s well-being and safety during this time.

Being a live-in carer complicates the situation: I have the following concerns:

  1. Should I stay isolated with her for the 3 months, managing her care alongside the daily carers, who, at the moment, come in to support her washing and dressing; in this respect I am worried that when I need to go out to shop etc, how would I know that I am not putting her a risk.
  2. Should I move out and support her externally, delivering food, keeping in contact to ensure her care is managed, that way I can resume life after the 14 to 21 days lock-down situation.

I am not sure what is best and hope that others here have any advise or are facing a similar situation

Thank you

Hi Peter.
I can’t help with your query as I’m in the same boat with my Mum! I’m her sole Carer,but I don’t know if I can still go out to get her shopping/meds etc. I’ve been across tv today but still no news on this. Sorry I can’t be of more help! Good luck.

Do what you feel is best. Today I had to go to the pharmacy to order a prescription for my brother. He is on bladder medication. What do you want to do? Trust your instinct as much as possible.

What would mum want, towards the end of her life? Quality or Quantity?
As a mum myself, I’d rather my son looked after me, aware that there was a slight risk. A risk she was prepared to take.

Is it possible for you to support her washing/dressing? if so then you could use PA’s to shop for you (simply wipe down with bleech solution the items delivered), this would cut down possible routes in for the virus. This is what im doing for my daughter, i appreciate it is a completely different situation for me, it may not work for you.

Is it possible to speak to your Mum and ask her what she would like? What risks she is prepaired to take in having you close?

Could you turn to a local church, business or charity to deliver food/prescriptions, I hear in some areas groups are setting up these services as a way to help the community.

Contact the LA and ask them for advice maybe, these people would be last on my list however, they are inadiquate at the best of times.