New to the forum - what do you do for anxiety?

Just wondering if there are other carers that are in a similar situation to me.
I’ve been back here living with my 93 year old Mum for over 2 years. I came back from the States and work from her house (I work on the computer, so have laptop, can work anywhere with good bandwidth). She didn’t want to go into a home, so this was the alternative. I have trust carers that come in 4 times a day to help with toilet needs and to get her dressed and undressed in the mornings and at night (and sometimes I think the carers do me good too as they are someone to talk to - they help keep me sane).
Because I work American hours, I work til late at night. Although I get a break some times at the weekend as I have siblings that live locally, it’s not a lot of time that I have for myself. The biggest thing that I have to deal with is having to live by a time table and having to get up a night to help her with toilet needs. Having to listen to the baby monitor at night has meant that even on nights when I get an occasional break (sometimes there is a paid carer), my sleep isn’t good which has been affecting me mentally. This has resulted in me going on to anxiety medication.

Although I try to get away by myself for a few hours at the weekend (and sometimes I might meet with friends and go see a movie or something), it doesn’t make a big dent in my anxiety levels as it’s right back into care mode right after it.
I know exercise helps me and I joined a gym and sometimes go late at night after I finish work (it’s a 24 hour gym). But it takes a long time to come down from that after.

Just wondering what others do to help with anxiety and “get your head right”.

Hi Rosemary
I find exercise helps me, but not as strenuous as the gym. I go to a dance class and/or other movement to music type classes. It helps me mentally as I am so busy trying to remember the steps, not fall over my feet or bump into the next person that my mind clears of all caring issues completely. Plus I meet other people.

Also mindfulness in the form of meditation (there are loads of free apps), yoga

And counselling - it’s amazing how talking about woes helps lessen them even if little changes

Hope this helps

Thanks, MrsAverage,

How did you go about finding a counsellor?

If you are paying yourself here’s a list

Or you can self refer by googling your area and CBT. Most areas offer 6 sessions by phone or online , wait depends on severity. Waits for face to face are much longer

Your local carers support may have links or contacts too.

Forgot to say this forum is invaluable for support and chat. Have a good explore and feel free to add comments or threads as you wish

Also welcome (I had originally mistaken you for another regular poster called Rosemary)


I go into another room and shout out over and over all the naughty words that I know.
Ah, that feels better. :smiley:

Can I ask why you don’t have someone else to help with the caring?