New to London, want some advice on agencies and rates

Hi there all, my name is Olivia and I have just moved to London, I currently work as a HCA and was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on what agencies are good and the kind of rates I could expect from different agencies? Just wondering if there is much difference between different agencies and different areas of London in terms of rates etc, I have car so willing to travel. Any advise or inside knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a great day x

Employment agencies … for paid care workers ?

I doubt if anyone on this forum for family / kinship carers could help … unless they take on work as a paid care worker in addition to their caring roles.

Hi there,

Yeah for employment agencies, sorry I thought it was worth a try on here, looking for any help I can get, there are so many agencies out there it is over whelming!

The demand constant exceeds supply … a buyer’s market if ever there was one.

Spare a thought for us … 6 hours paid care work and you’ll earn more than anyone of us … some care 24 / 7 for less monies !

Unfortunately , like lambs to the slaughter … a pair of skates and a stopwatch mandatory ?

Make a list of agencies, and call up and find out. Or email or take a careful look at their website.