Good early evening all,…I hope you all are well. Can anyone recommend any good qualified Carers? I am a carer for my mum also

Hi Joy … agency carers ?

I’m sure that some readers will recommend those that provide a good service to their carees.

Perhaps an indication as to what part of the country you reside in might spark a few recommendations ?

Bearing in mind that all agencies have their good / indifferent paid care workers in their employ.

A recent Needs assessment from your LA ?

If so , did they offer any help along these lines ?

Thinking of employing outside care workers direct ?

A minefield … I will post past threads on this aspect if needed.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply…I have carers at the moment but one by one they are in frequent…for one reason or another…also maternity leave is on the cards.
What is LA?
Over the years I have used various agencies…the problem was that the carers supplied were not consistent…for example a different carer every day which confuses my mum and no progression is to be made because of this.
The care required will be in Foresthill, London…
Thanks again I look forward to your reply.

LA ?

Local Authority.

As for care agencies . par for the course … given what’s happening in the care industry :


Short of employing care workers direct … and all that entails … a case of grin and bear with it ?