Carer Card

How Do i get a Carer Card ,Always being asked for one ?? Ie The Black Country Muesum Asked for A Carer Network card ,So Carer can get in free and help ! ?

Numerous threads over the years … at best , a post code lottery :

In short , nothing that works nationwide … after 14+ years of asking both our supporting organisations.

CarerSmart … Carers Trust about the best option so far :

Help & Info - Support for Unpaid Carers | Carers Trust

CEA Card … complimentary ticket for a disabled person to bring the carer to a cinema :

Cross reference to the FREE TRAVEL ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT campaign … caree goes free , we don’t … unless we are classified as a " Guide dog. "

A Swiss army knife type card … free travel / identification / carers credit union / discount … just a few uses ?

YOU should not have to prove that you are a carer. If the caree is disabled, the person with them is their carer. End of!

Yes, surely it should be ‘evident’ that your caree NEEDS someone with them - and that someone is, automatically, their carer!

Could you take any documentation you might have that shows you are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance? That might do the trick?

Not always Jenny. Many disabilities aren’t obvious, my relative with autism and severe social anxiety looks healthy but couldn’t ask directions or for a ticket for example

My son with LD has a council “Companion Bus Pass” - that shows he needs someone with him.

If you are in receipt of Carers Allowance then some local authorities will issue a card that indicates you are a carer - it’s really meant to identify the fact that you care for someone who would be in need of assistance should you be involved in an accident or taken ill in the street. Your local authority’s website should contain details if they are one that does issue such a card.

Other than that there is no nationally recognised card :frowning:

Some people have found that taking and showing the letter from the DWP confirming that they are in receipt of CA often works !

Trouble is only 1 in 11 of family / kinship carers claim CA ???

Would not work for 7.1 MILLION of our fellow carers.

I am full time carer for my husband but don’t receive CA as in receipt of state pension. Apart from my bus pass, there are no privileges that I am aware of, which are available to me as his carer. We live in Birkenhead.

Extract from one of the " Bibles " on caring … Select Committee on Work and Pensions Fourth Report … June 2007 :

**_Concession cards

  1. The Government reported that a number of local authorities run schemes that recognise the contribution carers make to society. Some offer discount schemes for transport and leisure facilities for carers, regardless of whether the carer is accompanied by the person they care for; this goes beyond the discounts available to carers when they are accompanying the person they support through schemes such as the disabled person’s railcard and concessionary bus fare schemes. It acknowledged that “these discounts can play a big part in allowing carers to take part in the sort of activities that others take for granted, and can help to address carers’ isolation.”[196]

  2. The Princess Royal Trust Salford Carers Centre, for example, is piloting a Carers Leisure Pass, which gives carers unlimited access to council swimming, gym and leisure facilities. Following a carer’s assessment, the assessment worker can request a pass electronically from Salford Leisure. Use of the pass is monitored and if it is not used for a continuous period of two months, the Carers Centre is informed and contacts the carer to check that they are well, or if they are having difficulty using the pass or if they no longer want it. The pass has improved the health of a wide range of carers, including working carers, as it is not limited to off-peak use.[197]

  3. In its Carers Strategy the Government stated that “in recognition that much good work is already happening, we will be working with local government to make sure that this good practice is spread more widely.”[198]

  4. In Australia, extensive provision is made at State and local authority level to provide concessionary rates for carers. Recipients of Carer Payment are entitled to a pensioner concession card from the Commonwealth Government, which entitles the holder to reduced cost medicines. Additional concessions vary depending on the state and local authority but include:

reductions in property and water rates and utility bills;
a telephone allowance;
reduced fares on public transport;
reductions on motor vehicle registration; and
free rail journeys within the state each year.

  1. We welcome the Government’s commitment to work with local authorities to spread the idea of concession cards for carers more widely. We recommend that the Government follows Australia’s good example and proactively negotiates concession cards for carers for travel, parking, leisure and other activities with local authorities, business and transport operators to help carers cope with the financial burden of caring._** >

    Our Aussie cousins are showing us a clean pair of heels again ?

11 years ago and … Sweet Fanny Adams since … like most of the said Report.

Not a cat in hell’s chance of us getting anything Chris!

We can only add that to our wish list ?

Now volume 5 …

Beats our Rights … a single , blank , sheet of paper the size of a postage stamp ?

Interesting that all concerned HAVE known about it since June 2007 at least … and much of that dates back a few years even then !!!

I have the CEA card and it saves its cost after just one trip to the cinema.
We go in the week when the kids are at school and get a mackies afterwards.
We went to our local Cineworld last week and it cost £9-50 for one ticket. That was a 2D movie with a small screen.
A bit steep?
But its still relatively low cost and its safe and we can escape for a couple of hours.
The CEA card costs a tenner for one year.