New to carers uk

Just wanted to introduce myself to you all my name is collette i am a full time carer to my partner and a full time mum to a Beautiful 10yr old boy who is classed as a young carer . I have been a carer for 10yrs and we have had good day and bad like everybody else this past yr has been the hardest i have ever known trying to protect my partner from covid but still trying to make it as normal as we can for our 10yr old has been hard the isolation from family friends cancelled app trying to get doctors app taking my son to school and worrying if he brings it home but i think thats how most of us are feeling the ups and downs the worry of if i get it who is going to look after my partner and son . The vaccination will i get it the same time as my partener as he is on the extremely vulnerable nobody as told me anything till i came on this sight and oh my word i found more out in one hr of reading than i have been told in 10yrs . Well this is me saying Hi and i hope you are all safe and well . Collette .

Hi Collette & welcome

Yes, there is an army of information held of this forum. Many carers like you with years of experience in caring. It’s been a tough time !! But as carers do we all battle through the best we can.

When your partner gets is vaccine call. As his carer you can have yours at the same time. Make sure they know you are and will be attending.

If your are registered at your partners G.P as his carer. You should be also included automatically.

Hi. Collette, welcome to the forum.
It is very difficult trying to meet the needs of family members making different demands on you. I’m very concerned that you don’t mention any support for you to take a break. When did you last have a holiday??