I have just joined the forum. My name is Caren. I am in my 60s, widowed and live with and care for our two adult sons who are on the Autistic Spectrum. I have been feeling very low. I am at high risk for COVID, as are my sons, so we have been pretty much isolated and without any practical help or care support since February last year. Since the Delta variant came along we daren’t start to come out of it. I have been struggling with panic attacks and feeling pretty hopeless. My eldest son suffers with his mental health a lot so its been tough for him as well. My youngest has been very resilient but he has really had enough of the isolation now.

Hi Caren,

welcome to the forum.

I’m not surprised you are all feeling as you are - that’s such a long time to be shielding.

You could try Carers Uk online meet ups Online meetups | Carers UK

and/ or sign up for a telephone befriender Using our friendship telephone service | Age UK

Resources for Autism are still running online activities for those on the spectrum who cannot attend events/clubs in person https://resourcesforautism.org.uk

Do you have a plan for how you will come out of lockdown /end shielding? Have you all had your jabs? Any thoughts about meeting Covid-sensible friends or family outdoors, socially distanced etc in a garden for example. You could ask them to take a test before coming. Not meaning to pressure you in anyway - just worth thinking about.


Hi Caren,

My son was brain damaged at birth, now 42, he lives in a privately rented flat with carer support, but I still do lots for him.

Your workload is exhausting. Have you thought about how they will manage if anything happened to you?
One day I was driving through the New Forest, when my car was hit head on by a boy racer, and my life changed forever.
Does anyone else ever care for your sons?
When did they last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services?
When did they last update your Carers Assessment?
You should be entitled to a lot of support at home.