Hi new person here! (2)

I’m new to this, not very good with technology so hope I’m doing this right.
Just wanted to chat with someone who might understand my situation, I have a 19 year old son who has schizophrenia, adhd and possibly asd too, he’s been under section in hospital for 4 months which was where he received his diagnosis of his conditions, he’s now in supported housing but I still play a big part in his life and I’m run down with all the stress and worry of his behaviours that’s he exhibits, it has put a huge strain on my relationship with my live in partner, I also have another 15 year old son to look after.
The constant worry I feel about Everything is overwhelming.

Emma, you’ve had a very tough year.

When did you last have a complete break? Could your partner look after your other son so you could have a weekend away?

Thanks for getting in touch bowling bun!
It’s been a while since I had a break but I guess it’s the same for a lot of people at the moment what with the pandemic, it’s been a little easier this week anyway.

How are you?

My son with learning difficulties and I are off to Devon soon, the idea was to go on the three steam railways, South Devon, Paignton to Dartmouth, and Bodmin, where a friend of ours is a volunteer driver. South Devon is closed, fingers crossed for the other two. We own a steam roller and traction engine, and a variety of smaller steam engines too, which M loves, so I always try and find some steam when we go on holiday.

That sounds really lovely, a perfect way to spend a day, hope you got to enjoy the trip, now we are back with restrictions again. Hope you and your son are doing well?
Jane 47

Thanks Jane, M really just wants me all to himself for a week. He lives in a flat with staff support, but they know nothing about steam engines. M grew up with them, and for the first 30 years of his life, until my husband died, we were at a rally somewhere in the south of England every weekend. M would come home, have a drink, climb into the cab of our lorry towing a low loader carrying a steam engine. His carers think going into town and buying a cup of tea is an activity, not quite the same! He lives on the edge of the New Forest, but they never take him for a walk. My eldest son lives with me, and his son is often here, so when we go away it’s the only time M gets my undivided attention. We can talk about friends, engines, and usually ride on the steam railways, but only one was running during his holiday. We bought lots of new clothes ready for the winter, went all sorts of places, and I made some of his favourite food.
All this was pretty exhausting but I had booked a cottage in East Devon for just me, for this month. Now cancelled, due to Lockdown. Grrr. I love sewing, when I’m sat at my machine I’m always so calm, my husband called it my Occupational Therapy when I was just 21. I always take my machines away with me, have been known to start sewing at 6am and stop sewing about midnight!!!