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I have become a full time carer for my mother who has a few disabling illnesses and is finding it harder each day to do every day things i.e washing dressing. I have had to give up work to look after her every day needs. The house is needing a lot of work to adapt it to her needs i have used all my savings and done a lot of work myself but still needs more work. I have been told to apply for this grant apply for that grant refusal every time . Is there actually any help for unpaid carers to pay funding for adapting a home out there.

Hi John, welcome to the forum.
Who have you been asking?
Tell us more about mum and we may be able to help.
How old is mum? How old are you?
Claiming disability benefits?
Does she own her home?
What are her health issues, what adaptations does she need?
When did she last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services?
When did you last have a Carers Assessment from Social Services?
Are you getting ANY help at all at the moment?

Grants are for the person with the disabilities. There should be an Occupational therapist doing an assessment. And then a financial assessment of your mother savings etc.

Is mother claiming attendance allowance.

Are you sure keeping mother at home is the right route in the longer term. Or was this taken out of your hands by other people.

Hi my mother is 79 she has and i am 54 and yes she owns her own house and is getting attendance allowance.
She recovering from cancer has lymphedema and arthritis in her legs arms and back. She has not left the house in 3 years [had to sell my car as could no longer afford it]. This the only time anyone has offered help in the last 3 years
I have managed to put in a wet room that works still needs work done to it. Now i have to redo the stairway to help her get around move some electrics and modify the kitchen all of which i am able to do myself but cannot afford to do it on benefits
Had no help whatsoever

I’m afraid you have gone about things the wrong way.
Does mum have over £23,000 in savings? (Yes/No)
Are you now claiming Carers Allowance and income related benefits?
If you have invested money in the house, and can prove it, has mum given you a share of the house if she could not pay for the work itself? If not, I urge you to see a solicitor asap.
Mum should now have a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and an Occupational Therapy Assessment. If the Occupational Therapist thinks mum needs adaptations, she can arrange for some or all of the cost to be paid for by Social Services.
If mum needs personal care, that can be arranged by Social Services too.
Let them do this, so that when they are with mum, you can take time off. You sound utterly exhausted.

John you need to register and link up with a local carer support group.

As many have dedicated workers some can be ex social workers. Who know the system and how to access the right services.

I think someone needs to visit you at home. And talk though the many options etc. And signpost the places who should be providing you with local support.

Do not spend anymore of your own money.