Didabled facilities grant

Hi all,

As if life wasn’t bad enough … bring out the local authority :frowning:

A little background.

My husband suffered an acute aortic dissection in Nov at 54 yrs old, emergency surgery was successful but he unfortunately suffered a significant stroke during the surgery and he has been left with almost complete left sided paralysis and some cognitive impairment. After 7 weeks in a coma in intensive care he was moved to a primary care facility for rehab where he remains today.

The house requires significant adaptions for him to come home and I have had several visits from an OT, I also completed an ‘informal’ financial assessment. Today I have received a letter saying that I am not eligible for a grant, I earn £48,000 per annum and my husband about £22,000, that said he is going to have his contract terminated on the 16th May so will not be earning anything. We do not have any savings and significant outgoings each month.

I feel at a total loss what to do now, I physically wouldn’t be able to even get him in the house and a bed in the dining room goes against all his rights in relation to privacy and dignity not to mention an adapted toilet and a shower.

Can anyone offer me any advice? I have been onto the website of the local authority and cannot find any information.

Thanks in advance - Jen

Hi Jen … an interesting post.

In the absence of any grant out there ( Income level well beyond what most on this forum would have experienced ) ,
the options available seem to be pretty straightforward.

Assuming an home owner , either a mortgage to fund the works needed or downsize to release funds to be used for
adapting the new home.

Blunt but … in the circumstances ?

Externally , two links for you to seek expert advice … CAB and the Carers UK Advice team ( Best by email ) :


They might have some alternative recommendations / suggestions ( Use of future pensions / scheme to maximise tax
reliefs if applicable … for example ? ).

Both Needs and Carer Assessments upto date through your LA ?

Welcome to the forum.
First, a warning.
Once the hospital have decided they can do no more to help your husband to improve, they will do everything possible to get the bed back, and they won’t care too much about you.
There are procedures the hospital should go through, but sometimes they “forget” accidentally on purpose.

I’m afraid you and your husband have had a “Life Changing Moment” and it will take a while to adjust, as you go through a grieving process, The next few months are all going to be really tough, but we will support you as much as possible.

BEFORE having the house altered, I’m afraid that you need to consider carefully all sorts of things. It might help you to have some counselling, so you can use the counsellor as an impartial “sounding board”.

Here are a few questions for you to consider, but there is absolutely no need to give us the answers here, unless you want to.

is it practical for your husband to ever come back to your current home again?
Can you afford to remain living in your existing house on just your income?
Do you live in a house, or a bungalow?
If you move somewhere smaller, is there enough equity in your existing house so you could be mortgage free?
Then you need to consider how much care he needs, and who will provide it if you are at work?
Given the option of caring for your husband or working, which would you choose to do?
Can he get around at all my himself, either walking, or in a wheelchair?
If his mental impairment is severe, will it be safe for him to be left alone while you are at work?
Did your husband have life insurance?
Have you checked to see if there was any element of “Critical Illness Cover”?
Would it help you decide what to do by having your husband home from hospital just for the day?
Hospital is a very artificial situation, do you feel confident that you have the skills to care for him?
Has anyone mentioned “NHS Continuing Halthcare to you?”

Following BB’s post , a couple more links for you to explore :

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … main thread :


( If approved , said care is FREE ! )

Hospital discharges … the BIBLE :

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

( In short , by the book or … NO discharge ! )

I think you will have to sit down and make a list …
Of what you can do without going forward
Prioritise future needs as a family
Do a financial statement etc

Most grants help are means tested.
You could try your local MP who will have connections in the community.
They may know reputable contractors etc.

Foundations is the national body for Home Improvement Agencies. The Home Improvement Agencies help vulnerable people such as the elderly, disabled and those on low income to repair, improve or adapt their homes. … To find your local Home Improvement Agency search here or telephone: England 0845 8645210.

Google “The Care Act Disabled facilities” and you will find lots more information.

Another issue is whether the financial assessment was done INDIVIDUALLY or JOINTLY.
It is YOUR choice, not that of the LA to decide which. So if you earn £48,000, and your husband isn’t going to be able to work at all in the foreseeable future, then it would be much better for HIM to have an INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT.

I’ve had a total of 10 carees, so I’ve come across most of the problems you are having, in the course of the last 40 years!!
Feel free to ask the forum anything, there is a huge amount of collective knowledge, and different opinions on many things. We can make suggestions, you choose to ignore them all, or decide which suits your situation best.

Hi Jen
I am so sorry for what you and hubby have been going through, and will go through.

On the financial side, consider talking to his pension provider. He would be able to access it at 55 anyway (unless it’s a final salary scheme). In either case they are likely to pay it early and at a higher rate because if his medical issues.

You didnt mention his mental capacity. If he still has it, get powers of attorney sorted asap

Sorry if we are all bombarding you, but as you have spotted local authorities tend to only cover part of the situation, if that

Your husband is probably now exempt from Council Tax on the grounds of “Severe Mental Impairment”. Be sure to claim, backdateable to the date of his stroke.
Also he will be entitled to Personal Independence Payment, both Care and Mobility. Claim as soon as possible.