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Afternoon everyone
Hope you are all well, I was given your website by a very dear friend of mine
I’m a registered carer for my disable mum and my disabled sister plus my now disabled partner I have been looking them for about 15yrs now aswell as my 2 children I’m 47 so my family are my life
So I’m looking for help and advice with regards to benefits and any Grant’s I could get as I’m in the process of moving but need to make adaption for my partner and need stuff for the home aswell so any advice would be greatly recieved
Many thanks

Hi and welcome Alison

Please more information needed.

Owner or renter

Husbands age and disabilities.

Do you currently claim carers allowance and does your husband claim any benefits.

Hi Alison,
I’d say your family have taken over your life!
That’s just too much for one person to do, without help.
You need time off as well, because your health is really the most important of all.
How old is your sister, and what is the nature of her disability?
How old are your kids? Do they belong to a Young Carers Group?