New Here

I joined Carers UK some weeks ago but haven’t actually posted or used any of their services.
I am currently caring for my dad who had COPD and had treatment for Prostate Cancer last year. My dad has been ill for the last month or so and the doctors are not being very helpful.
I work part time, have recently reduced my hours to enable me to spend more time with my dad.
I am currently feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed.
Does anyone know any treatments for COPD that might help my dad?

Hi Tracy, welcome to the forum.

Both COPD and Prostate Cancer mean that dad is going to need more and more help as time goes by.
One day, when he has died, you are going to need to earn a living again, especially now that the pension age has increased to 68.

Dad MUST accept some outside help, so that you can continue working and supporting yourself.
Try to think of yourself as dad’s Care MANAGER not hands on PROVIDER.
Now for a few questions, aimed at giving you best advice.

Do you live with dad?
Does he own, or rent, his home? The reply to this is VERY important, don’t ignore it.
How old is he?
How old are you?
How advanced is his prostate cancer?
Is he currently using oxygen for his COPD?
Is he claiming Attendance Allowance?

Have Social Services done a recent
Carers Assessment for you?
Needs Assessment for dad?

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried a pulmonary rehab program or not? This is a treatment option that involves exercise, nutritional support and counselling as well. It is led by a whole team of therapists and doctors.

One of the goals is to help you stay healthy. You might like to read this article on all possible treatment options including invasive surgical procedures.

Can you change specialists? It might be time to try and seek another opinion on your dad’s issues. Good luck!