My name is Terri, I (try) care for my husband. He is significantly older than I am, but we are happy :blush:. Two years ago after getting chest infection one after another the doctors did tests and they told us he had lung damage and gave him an inhaler, I asked them whether it was COPD and they said to me ‘no’.

For the last six months, my husband has been getting worse. He has been getting more breathless when out for a walk to the point he can not walk and talk. His coughing has gotten worse and he’s been getting dizzy and collapsing.

Doctors sent him for X-ray and more tests. Doctors said he has COPD emphysema, it will not get better and it has progressed. Currently he doesn’t need oxygen and he doesn’t need to be seen at the hospital just yet.

Just here for support, I work full time but I know I won’t be able to in the future. I guess I’m just worried and scared? My husband seems to be ok with it all, but I don’t think it has hit him fully.

Welcome to the forum. What are your ages?

Hello Terri

I am in a similar position to you as my husband is 81 and much older than myself. He too has health issues - COPD and has an inhaler which he wont use. He also had a pulmonary embolism back in June and is on blood thinners. He has pressure sores too and this is a nightmare with the bleeding at times. At the moment, District Nurses are coming 3x a week. He has divictular disease which again is a challenge to manage.

I think you are doing the right thing reaching out for support now. At the moment the Health Service seems in chaos but if your husband is getting worse then you do need to let his GP know. You also need to push for him to be seen by a specialist. How old is he? My only advice is do not give up work unless you have looked into the financial situation very very carefully. I have been a carer officially since Jan 2013 when my husband had his brain heamatoma but unofficially a couple of years before that. My only advice is do not sleep walk into becoming a full time carer as it is a thankless task and please take your needs into account as well as his before making a decision. Please tell us more about how old he is and how old you are. There is a huge amount of support and information on this site. ,


Thank you for your replies. My husband is 70 and I am in my 40s. My husband is also on blood thinners due to having a stroke a couple of years ago and he is also epileptic, sorry I forgot to mention it!

The GP is refusing my husband to see a specialist at a hospital as they are apparently managing it well.

We are hoping to be housed close to my family so I can stay in employment for as long as possible. As we are isolated from family and friends. My work does not allow me to go home whenever my husband collapses and I was very lucky to get time off when he had his stroke! Im also autistic but classed as high functioning.

Helena pressure sores are a nightmare I used to be a home Carer and saw a lot of them :disappointed: My husband has just (yesterday) trying to quit smoking!