Need to move out for own health but can’t leave mum.

Hello, I’ve been a Carer for my mum for nearly 5 years now. Her main ailments are PTSD and Severe Chronic Asthma. During lockdown, everything’s just got worse. Especially my mental health. Also. PIP had decided to stop my mums claim due to lockdown and deadlines being missed etc. So now we both haven’t been receiving our normal money, after myself losing my job. So we’ve got nothing which has sent our mental health crashing.

I just need to get out and away and take time to focus on my life and sort myself out so that I can be the best for my mother. I’m just really stuck right now and need some advice please

Hi Alex,

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I’m on my way to bed now, but others will be along tomorrow to offer advice.


If you lost your job, and mum is claiming Attendance Allowance, you can claim Carers Allowance and have it topped up with income related benefits, Universal Credit or similar.
Have you appealed against the benefit decision?

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Sorry to hear things are difficult for you at the moment, it sounds like a lot to deal with.

Our helpline will be able to advise you on benefits etc. You can contact them on

0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or email

Best wishes