Need help or advice daughter with adhd

My 7 year old daughter has been diagnosed with adhd but is it normal to still question this ? I see her issues and struggles daily and have done for years but I still doubt it all, which then makes me feel guilty every day. Shes hard work and draining. This is all new to me.and I worry as when i know shes struggling she can come across really spoilt and its embarrassing when out in public does anyone have any advice

My son (now 40) was incredibly hyperactive at that stage.

For years I was labelled as a “bad mother” until at 8 it was realised that he’d been brain damaged at birth!

I was a former Brown Owl running a Brownie pack of 24 girls single handed (in the Australian outback) so I was used to managing kids that age too. My eldest son was perfectly behaved, exceeding all his milestones.

Fortunately my son went to a very good special needs class in a normal infant school, and then went to the Sheiling School at Ringwood, a “Camphill” school. Their way of teaching and learning was very good but I had to appeal all the way to the Secretary of State for Education to get the funding.

Did you know that you daughter may be eligible for Disability Living Allowance?
Contact IPSEA for advice about education.

Hi Shelly,

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Living with a child with ADHD is hard work, but there are lots of strategies that can help make life easier.

Research as much as you can and consider joining a group for parents of children with ADHD.

The public can be judgemental, but focus on your daughter when she is struggling in public. Put in strategies to help her cope, try and ignore others and focus on de-escalating the situation as quickly as possible.

How are school supporting her?


PS Here is a link that leads to further info

Which part of the diagnosis do you doubt. Can you discuss some of her traits. A Adhd condition carries many different traits. Not one size fits all. Children with disabilities can still learn how to get the own needs met(be this negatively to others) i.e. For example good at manipulation. We have to still encourage good behaviour regardless of a disability.

When does she struggle most. Is it with things like shoelaces, suing a knife and fork properly, or when she is amongst crowds or noisy places?