Hello - Newbie here

Hello everyone I am Xero,

I have searched for a place like this looking for support, this week, after a long process my 11 year old son has been diagnosed with severe ADHD and severe ODD, we are still awaiting a diagnosis on ASD. Although the news did not come as a shock, I have still found it difficult to process. His mum and I are now divorced but we have a good, strong relationship, that has been essential during difficult times with our little boy. He lives with his mum most of the time. She lives 45 minutes from me, I only seem him every Friday and then every other week he stays Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Of course during school holidays etc he stays with me more.

His behaviours have been extremely challenging over the past number of years and has caused a large strain on all involved, non more so on him. I don’t know what much else to say for now, but I am sure as I explore the forum more I know more to say.

Thank you for taking time in reading this. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. My son is now 40, after being brain damaged at birth, he can’t read write or do any maths, but lives happily in his own flat with carer support. He’s fit, well, over 6ft. As a child he was incredibly hyperactive, just couldn’t concentrate on anything. An absolute nightmare for all concerned.
After a long battle with Education, I appealed to the Secretary of State for Education and got funding for him to go to the Sheiling School at Ringwood, a “Camphill School”. There are Camphill schools all over the country. Their approach to education is very different, and suited my son very well. I saw many difficult children calm down and become so much more manageable.
You might find that a school outside the state system would suit your son better?

Hello, thank you for taking time to respond.

My son is not in mainstream education, towards the end of year 6 he was placed in a special eductation school. The setting is a lot smaller and he has at times 2/1 support. As you can imagine he still encounters problems but this school is far better equipped to deal with it than a mainstream comprehensive.

He’s a very intelligent little boy, hopefully with the right support he can move forward in his life and achieve the things he’d like to achieve.

Glad you found a nice school for him. Is it okay if I message you or not?


Yes of course that will be fine