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Good evening
I’m new to the forum and I’m looking for help and advice
I have a 19 year old daughter diagnosed many years ago with bipolar,asd,adhd,depressive disorder and anxiety.
I have kind of coped for most of the time as I don’t know any different.
However lately it’s getting worse.
She is verbally abusive towards me all the time,name calling,putting me down,making me out to be an awful mother to anyone she knows.
I’m at my wits end now and don’t know which way to turn. :frowning: :frowning:

Hi Jaime & welcome

My goodness your daughter does have a lot of difficulties. And as we are to well aware these can come with repercussions for all involved. Through no one’s fault!.

I guess you have heard of MIND UK.

bipolar,asd,adhd,depressive disorder and anxiety

Even if one were to look at these individually it a lot to deal with. Both of you need your own individual help and support.

Is or has your daughter every been receptive to outside help. What services is your daughter link too.

Regardless of your daughter’s diagnosis being abusive is unacceptable. I guess your daughter is still living at home. There comes a time when a relationship becomes. All controlling and uncooperative a conversation about future expectations is needed. As difficult as it is to hear - it is as difficult to have that conversation. However, you daughter is a adult. And all adults have to make their way in the world. If your daughter doesn’t like your house rules. Then she needs to think about living independently. For some young adults it’s a wake up call. They want to be treated like adults but refuse to act like an adult.

How do you feel about the thought of your daughter leaving the family home?