Need a help!!

Hi!! I’m very new here and I’m a carer of my husband for many years. I was doing well on my own but unfortunately he had a fall about 3 weeks ago, making our lives very complicated. I think a need a help to have a break but I don’t know how to start. I heard that here there are lots of people going through difficult times, so I believe it’s a start for me to share some of my problems.

Hi Adeilma and welcome,

There is information here on taking a break Taking a break | Carers UK However please not, with the pandemic, social services are not doing face to face assessment.

and re getting help with caring day to day?


Hi Adeilma, welcome to the forum.

Various sources of help are available, but a lot depends on the age of your husband, and what his needs are.
As he has been unwell for a long time, can I ask how old he is, and how much help he needs?
Is he claiming Attendance Allowance? Are you claiming Carers Allowance?
Do you have any help from family or friends?
How long is it since you had a few days holiday?