Hi I am a carer for my housebound disabled partner. He has mobility issues along with other conditions. I would like to say hello to everyone on here and look forward to speaking to people who understand what it is like being a carer.



Hi Ella, welcome to the forum. You are in the right place, lots of us here who understand.
Are you getting enough support?

Hello and welcome!

What support do you currently get? Are you aware you can telephone social services to ask for a needs assessment?

Needs assessments have been suspended since Monday :

Thanks so much for your replies! I have only just seen them.

Thara, good to meet you! not much support really at the moment but this forum has already been really helpful. It is difficult for us all with the social restrictions isn’t it. Usually family would be able to help but they are unable to visit and most are over 70 and self isolating.

Bowlingbun - thanks for your reply and pleased to meet you too!