Mums been offered a flat

Unfortunately, there are no other family members none whatsoever. I have two siblings one is partially sighted. The other is abit of an idiot, she’s abit wayward, and doesn’t want my mum to move. She wants the plates to keep spinning in case her relationship falls through. However as I have said to my mum it’s not about waiting for her. She’s an adult that just wants a free ride.

She is band B, but we made it exclusive that she only wants a bungalow or independent living, why they have offered this place I don’t know. Also to suddenly say she that this is the second offer whilst no previous correspondence has been made. They know mum has problems with understand and communicating.

I have contacted the MP.

Mum had the interview today.

The house in question needs completely decorating, it has no cooker and no carpets. It’s downright unsuitable. She can’t even get her mobility scooter in the door.

Yes we could do it up but how long and how much will that take. There’s one thing to make a space more homely, but to essentially do it up to a liveable standard should not be the responsibility of the Tenant. Expecially when all the carers take spare money. How is she supposed to decorate when she’s a small woman who isn’t trusted on her feet when they are firmly on the ground.

Also if she falls on to hard floor it has the potential to hurt her more. Carpet won’t stop it but it would be a softer landing.

Mum also has diabeties and high blood pressure, so good nutrition is essential. Using only a microwave and air fryer is not good for essential nutrients.

I spoke to the OT and they said the medical assessment said that she needs supported accommodation or extra care housing, not flats in the community. The Ot said she would contact housing.

Have a look at the duties of a landlord, there are regulations that will help you on this subject.

sounds like your Mum has an ally in the OT .

Does you mum have a copy of the medical assessment?

She was explaining what was on it this morning, however she said that she would send us another physical copy.


Good to hear that there has been some progress. Take lots of copies of that letter when it comes, so you will always have a copy to share with whomever you speak to. Refusal of accommodation shouldn’t put your Mum back at the bottom of the list, if the accommodation offered was unsuitable. Looking at the photo you posted, there is no way you could drive a motability scooter down the path and through the gate. Your Mum wouldn’t be able to get out and about and would lose her independence. Hopefully your contact in the OT will come through for you and your Mum.

There are organisations that can provide grants or items for free. Please check with your Mum’s homelessness officer.

We normally apply for many white goods via charitable agencies. Our Council also provide some basics and carpet two rooms for free if someone is on a Band B. You might need to look at your Council’s housing policy and website.

With your Mum being oldish (I don’t know how old she is, sorry if I am misjudging this), she should be offered a support worker and they normally have access to various grants and charities.

Failing that, Facebook and other local sites may have items for cheap if your Mum can afford them.

From what you have said, the property is unsuitable so it should NOT be classed as an offer.