Mum is without internet

Hi all, so the move is going quite well.

Unfortunately we have a situation with the internet. Mums tv only works with internet. She has an iPhone 8, with data so she’s alright on the phone. However she has no other access.

We have called the local internet provider (the one whom she has a package with, but they have to come round to install a full fibre light stream box due to the package mum is on (it’s their most common service.) they won’t install legacy packages now where light stream is possible.

Unfortunately the systems the flat has doesn’t have the equipment needed. Apparently it was an old guy who lived in her place previously. The flat in the facility can support it (many do).

Anyway, the earliest appointment they could get her was for the 11th June. 17 days away.

It’s all abit strange but, where we are in the U.K. the broadband situation is unique. There is only one main provider who have abit of a monopoly. There is no sky or BT internet, we have to go through this provider. (They won’t share their infrastructure- it’s currently a big debate in parliament).

I’m just wondering if anyone has any temp solutions.

Mum has made friends in the property, and I have suggested to her if she asks them and gives them £15 for the trouble. No progress yet, it was just an idea.

I’ve said I will lend her an old games console for DVDs.

But other than these ideas we don’t know. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas temporarily.

If Mum’s TV has Freeview or Freeview Plus then you could get an indoor TV aerial which just plugs into the back of the TV (my TV service is via Virgin Media and I keep one for emergencies in case they have an outage !). She won’t be able to get any of the Sky channels but can get all the “terrestrial” channels like BBC1,BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and a number of others (the channel numbers are listed in the TV guides). I also have one plugged into the TV in my bedroom as that one is not connected to VM.

You can get the aerials in Argos or Amazon and they’re not expensive - something like this

(the amplified ones usually give better reception)