After some advice

Hello all,

I’ve just joined this forum and posted in the newbie section. I’m after some advice if someone could help when they get chance.

I live with my Mother who is 67, claims state pension and PIP(medium rate on living and mobility) which was renewed for 2 years in May and housing benefit. She has depression, anxiety, COPD but last month she found out she had cancer behind her eye, and last week had her eye removed. This has now made her depression and anxiety a lot worse, and sleeps most the day.

I currently work full time, in a decent job and wage, but have had the last month off apart from a few days, work have been fine with it, but won’t keep supporting me forever. I pay the bills, shopping etc in the house which is fine, but if I have to quit I’ll have to give up the luxuries (car etc) which I don’t mind.

I’m just wondering would I be able to claim anything if it comes to that? And would it be worth Mom putting in another claim for PIP after the recent events? I’m not too sure how it all works to be honest.

I appreciate any advice given

Thank you

Hi Martin … welcome to the canteen.

On the PIP front , an Internet search … PIP CONDITION DETERIORATING … will throw up a couple of links from supporting organisation and a whole host of forum threads and replies … worth exploring several of those :
CAB on PIP changes :

Reporting changes that affect your PIP - Home

Assessments … Needs ( Mother ) / Carer ( You ) … in course through your local LA ?

On the finances front , time to crunch some numbers through an Online Benefits Calculator … great for " What ifs " … and a secondary purpose of ensuring that everything out there is currently being claimed :

Giving up work to care full time is akin to financial armageddon for most … unless income is not a problem and / or family support is at hand.

Housing Benefit … a tenant … social housing ?

If so , the spectre of " Succession " … just yell if you want more on that one !

Have a ponder in the light of the above … and then bounce some questions which will no doubt arise off us here on this forum.

I would also benefit from some advice on reporting changes to PIPS , but every piece of advice I read makes it seem such a simple straight forward process whereas reality has been stressful and long winded ! Are there any time frame limits to any of the benefit processes ? Because I find it incredible in this computerised /technological world that we live in that everything at the DWOP seems to be done by slates and chalks no computers in sight ! In May I reported to the DWOP that there has been some significant changes to my husbands health since his original PIPS assessment when he was awarded standard care and mobility . Unfortunately he has a diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia and he has had a sharp decline in both physical and mental capabilities . The DWOP said that they were going to do a review in the late summer so they would bring this forward and would review him early . I was told it was a 4week process They sent the relevant forms ( which was identical to his original application form ) and I had two weeks to return them (obviously our speed is more important and makes up for their tardiness ) . So it was submitted by 05/06/18 we then heard nothing for 14 weeks , at which point I rang them and they said it was the fault of the assessment firm as they were looking at it to see if it required a face to face meeting . He suggested I contacted them personally . When I contacted them they said the DWOP must have been sitting on it because they had only just received it . A face to face assessment didn’t take place until 22/10/18 ! And now we are waiting again for the DWOP. for their decision making . It is now a total of 23 weeks … are there no limits to the amount of time these processes are allowed to take ? We are fast approaching 6 months … half a year … it’s a ridiculous system as meanwhile I struggle to provide for all of the extra needs my husbands decline has taken because I don’t have the funds to source help or resources that could make life easier for me and more comfortable for my loved one .

Ongoing problems Julie as highlighted on several external forums and supporting organisation sites.

Inernet search … PIP REVIEWS DELAYS AND PROBLEMS … will throw up a whole host of these.

I suggest you put in a formal complaint about the delays. They will then try to fob you off at which point you complain to the Ombudsmen . He will then find fault and may well insist they backdate any payments due.
Make sure you follow councils official complaints process to the letter, else ombudsmen won’t be able to investigate.

I understand this is frustrating and its help you need but this is the only way.


Thank you for the advice . It’s great not to feel alone !