Multiple sclerosis

My name is Geoff . I’m married to Christine who has had MS for over 20 years. It’s now very difficult for me to care for her. We have carers coming in daily, put in place by Darenth Valley Hospital when she went in back in May 2021, but the company are soon going to start charging for their service. I don’t think financially we can afford them! What can we do?

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You ask the doctor to arrange for an “NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment”.
The usual abbreviation for the is CHC. Google for the CHC “Framework”.
If you can afford it, print off the relevant sections and go through it with a highlighter pen.
Is your wife seeing a consultant at all?

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there is information here about paying for care that you might find useful Your guide to the Care Act (England) | Carers UK

Who pays for your wife’s care currently?


If you have under £46,000 savings between you, OR your wife has under about £23,000 in her own name, then you should have a Social Services Needs Assessment, followed by a formal financial assessment.
It is YOUR choice, not SSD’s, which assessment ends up with the lowest payment. Social Workers sometimes “forget” to give you this information!!!