Mixed funding for care at home


My wife is very disabled with MS. I have been her carer for about twenty years but, for a long time, we have had two carers (funded by us but arranged through the local authority) to get her up, showered and dressed each morning. I do the rest of the day and night on my own.

Twelve weeks ago, we were both taken very ill with covid. I have recovered, but my wife has lost her ability to swallow and is on PEG feeding (which I can do), is far more disabled than before (almost totally), cannot really speak, and has probably lost her continence (she’s been in bed in hospital for twelve weeks, almost all the time).

She is just out of hospital and now in a care home. She will almost certainly qualify for NHS continuing healthcare, but I would like to bring her home. We have plenty of space and financial resources.

Am I right in thinking that the NHS funding would cover a maximum of four dual-carer visits through the daytime? Is there a stipulation on how lengthy or involved these visits can be?

Can I add in some additional and night-time visits from another source so that I can perhaps get fairly uninterrupted sleep?

Many thanks for any replies.

Time to read the NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework, if you can afford it, print it off and highlight the relevant bits with a highlighter pen.
Also Google “Continuing Healthcare Barbara Poynton” might be Pointon. A case that Panorama did a story on, very similar to your situation.

Thanks, I will take a look.

I was thinking about the cost of printing at home, when I said “if you can afford it”.

I’m in a very similar position John
My wife has MS and has recently qualified for CHC funding
Currently we have 4 visits a day which is due for the 3 monthly review next week…
there is an additional 3 hours a week respite care but I’ve not used that. The carers visits can be anything from 15 mins to over an hour depending on what is needed, I still do everything in between which is exhausting despite the additional help.
You can alway pay for additional care if you want to… that’s entirely your personal choice