Continuing Healthcare Assessments

My wife has an assessment tomorrow via video call for CHC.
This is after suffering with MS for 20 years and there has been a dramatic decline in the last 6 months and 3 hospital stays in the last 2 months.
She has private carers visiting twice a day now which we are currently funding and is totally confined to bed other than shower day when the hoist is used. I am providing round the clock care including feeding,help with drinking,pad changes, adjusting in bed etc.
I would like like to know if anyone has first hand experience of these assessment?
I have done some research but more advice would be welcome…

Thank you

My late husband had these assessments. Nightmare to be honest. He had many complex issues…
The main advise I can give is do not allow it to be said that your wife’s needs are managed. That was the last reason given to me but very sadly he could be very difficult to manage.
You may be doing the caring for your wife but please do not tell them it’s managed. 2 hospital admissions tell something! If the carers have any problems then it must be told.
Have you downloaded the CHC tool and worked out what you feel the scoring should be?
I shall be thinking of you

That is very good advice, thank you.
I am certainly not managing even with the carers visits… even the carers struggle at times and they do keep electronic notes on every visit.
I have a paper version of the CHC tool and have had a very good read.
I am looking for any support available as non has been offered yet.

Will you be able to show the electronic notes to the assessor.? All evidence of difficulties is needed.

Yes the care company manager is participating in the assessment and all notes will be accessible to all that needs them.

Well the assessment was done and i am glad to say that my wife has been accepted for the funding…
It is so worth doing the research and thank you for the advice i was given…

Well done!! Not an easy meeting to get through.
Take time for yourself now when possible.

Not easy at all but so worth all the effort… :slight_smile:

Oh David, that’s brilliant news. Well done!!


Thank you Melly1… :slight_smile:

David’s wife sadly has MS not sclerosis.

Yes it’s Multiple Sclerosis as Pet says… sadly exercise isn’t an option