Motability scandal?

Although the boss has been made to resign over his high pay, there seems to be little criticism of government for allowing such a waste of public money. They seem to think it was ‘disabled people’s money’ without giving a thought to the fact most of them will be on benefits, and are encouraged to use this scheme

Yep … been tempted to post but … a business and not a charity.

Revealed: Fat cat boss of disabled car charity who earns 11 times more than the Prime Minister will get £2million ‘loyalty’ bonus, despite firm hoarding £2.4bn in public money

Motability Operations runs scheme that supplies vehicles to wheelchair users.

Boss Mike Betts earns £1.7 million a year – 11 times more than Theresa May.

The charity ( ??? ) allegedly covered up £2million bonus payout to him.

Motability last night declined to say if Mr Betts had been awarded a £2 million bonus, but denied concealing details of its executives’ pay.

Motability Operations Group plc is the parent company of:

Motability Operations Limited
Motability Leasing Limited
Motability Hire Purchase Limited
Route2mobility Limited
MO Reinsurance Limited.

Motability Operations Limited is the main operating company and principal service provider to Motability and the Motability Scheme.

The Motability Operations Group plc Board

The Board is chaired by Independent Non Executive Chairman Neil Johnson OBE.

It comprises:

Non-Executive Chairman
2 Executive Directors
5 Independent Non-Executive Directors, one of whom is a Senior Independent Director
4 Non-Executive Directors

The Motability Operations Group plc Board has the following Committees reporting into it:

Executive Committee: Chaired by Executive Director, Mike Betts
Audit Committee: Chaired by Independent Non Executive Director, Chris Lendrum CBE
Remuneration Committee: Chaired by Independent Non Executive Director, Neill Thomas
Nomination Committee: Chaired by Independent Non Executive Chairman, Neil Johnson OBE

The " Tax relief " element is interesting … one for the Government to ponder on.

Perhaps a deeper question … do the users / general public see this outfit as a " Charity ? "