Care agency damaged motability vehicle

Hi newbie here

My sons care team have managed to damage his motability vehicle again. The first time it was minor so we were let off but this time it’s a massive dent and scratch so I’ll be left numbered paying for the £150 excess or risk losing my goodwill bonus. In 3 years I’ve never scratched the car as it has sensors all round and even a camera.

I’ve insisted that the care staff have training in driving the vehicle or not be allowed (which then defeated the object as I would then have to drive And get no break!) but in the meantime does anyone know legally where I stand? Can I ask that the agency absorb that cost in their high care fees? Or will I have to take the hit (I’m on income support as a carer so I have nowhere near that kind of money lying around so will have to save to get it repaired! )
Any advice would be appreciated or especially links to legalities of who’s responsibility this is

Who owns the vehicle.

Who owns it? If the vehicle is insured in his name, and is only supposed to be used for his benefit take photos of the damage. Keep a record or a running tally of how many times this occurs. You could use a old diary for this purpose.

Write up all the details as well. Include some colour photos of the car if possible as supplementary evidence. Make a written note of the license number in case. Then complain directly to the manager of the company. If things are not resolved in your favour swiftly, try contacting the Care Quality Commission for more help and guidance in this matter. Also switch companies pronto. If they are incapable of even driving a vehicle safely who knows what they will do to your son who is vulnerable? This is not acceptable.