Motability car getting took away

Hi all I’m a full time carer of my wife who is most of the time bed bound and we have a motability car that is just used for shopping,school runs etc,last year I received a penalty charge notice from Birmingham council for been in a bus lane which to be honest I never paid it I did have a lot going on at the time (no excuse I know) we also moved address in this time so today recieved a phone call and was told if I didn’t pay full money today then they (the balifs)would tell motability to take my car of me can they do this?im so worried I haven’t got the money to pay I really need the car :frowning:I know it’s my own fault can anyone help me please thanks very much also I did say I would pay in instalments but the woman on the phone said it had gone to far :-???

They are assuming you own the car, but surely Motability own it, not you?

Yes thanks so much for the reply the car is motability but the baliff said they can make motability take my car if I don’t pay of the debt I spoke to the baliff they were so horrible I told them my wife’s disabled is on antidepressants we have children etc but they are not interested :pensive:

How much do you owe?

508 pound I offered instalments but they said it had gone to far

The only solution is to try and borrow some money or sell something.


sounds a nightmare. £508 is a lot of money!

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau have information on dealing with bailiffs Bailiffs - Citizens Advice


thankyou for the reply do you know if it will impact on my motability car please

Have you explained the situation with Motability? I would be surprised if they were able to take the car against payment.
Bailiffs work on fear,i would contact Motability this morning, they may need to speak to the company concerned on your behalf.