Help with carers allowance and leasing a car

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with a query regarding carers allowance, working and what you can offset/deduct so that you don’t exceed the £128 weekly earnings please?
I’m aware that you can deduct 50% of pension contributions but my employers have proposed recently that I take on a slightly different role which would actually work out better and be more flexible around caring. The only sticking point is that I would have to travel between different places of work but I have quite an old banger and wouldn’t feel comfortable doing the journeys. I’ve read on here that someone was able to lease a car and deduct the cost of the lease but I phoned the carers allowance unit and the lady I spoke to said she’d never heard of this and was adamant I couldn’t do it and that the person must’ve been leasing a car through motability scheme.
Does anyone have any experience of this please?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve not had experience of this but looking at it logically you can only deduct something from income if you can demonstrate that the expense has been incurred wholly and exclusively. Leasing a car could be used for any reason and not specifically for the claimant.