Car Insurance: Job Title


I’m a full time carer for my mom and dad. My mother gets full PIP and I get carers allowance.

I’ve recently been learning to drive as I need to take them to their appointments and therapy and what not which is not easy when relying on others.

My question comes down to car insurance, specifically the job title. There is an option to select ‘employed > carer - non professional > healthcare - private’ but i’m not sure that would be correct as I’m technically unemployed and on benefits.

The quotes i am getting on the above job title or as unemployed are very much the same but i’m not sure which would be the correct option to choose.

A friend suggested going down the motability scheme route but 1) the monthly cost is way too much (i think the minimum I saw is £350pm, whereas if I buy a car then my monthly costs are £150pm approx (of course excluding petrol in both cases) and I would be using the car for personal use as well, 2) I’m not sure new drivers are allowed. There is also the fact that the motability payments would come out of my mothers’ PIP and that money is used to pay for her health and she hard has much left at the end of the month.

So yeah, what have others put down as employment who are just claiming carers allowance and not doing other work?


Hi @Scx1987, welcome to the forum. I am with the mobility scheme, it is really good. Who ever name the car is in will have you down as a name driver and they will cover most car issues at no cost to you. The price of the hire of the mobility car normally has the insurance cost in it, should not cost you anything only the person has the pips. They are quite good and never had a problem with them.

Tbh, I wouldn’t claim that you’re employed as a care worker, as that invalidates your insurance as it’s not an accurate statement. Best to see whether there’s a category for carers in the “unemployment” category or seek advice from the insurance firm

I agree with Charles - best to seek advice from the insurance company - that way if they advise you incorrectly it’s their fault because you declared it fully. In my case I changed Insurers when I got a new car in October and put down “not working”. I could have put “pensioner” as not getting State Pension, but I do get a tiny occupational pension. Again didn’t watn to risk any problems.

Mum should be making the major contribution to these costs! My son’s carers cost 50p per mile!

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That’s the thing, I don’t want her to make the cost as the PIP she gets pays for herself and though I could pay her back, it makes no sense to do that when i can get insurance and tax for less than £150/month.

I guess the only issue is the employment part, I may just stick with unemployed though i’ll try what others have said and speak to the insurance companies.