Microwave advice, easy to use, not too small

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a microwave that will be easy to use for my elderly father who is forgetful and has eyesight issues. We have decided that one with a dial would be ideal, rather than digital press button displays. There seem to be a few, but the inside of the ones I have found seem tiny. Barely big enough for the larger Wiltshire food trays. Does anybody have any recommendations?
Many thanks

The cookworks one from Argos takes my elderly neighbours Microwave meals. I’ve just used it for her. Basic, but it automatically starts when the dial is set. Unlike other microwaves with a start button.

My Mother had dementia, and eyesight problems, (macular degeneration), and a microwave, she knew how to use it as she’d had it for quite a while - that didn’t stop her from welding a tumbler to the glass turntable!

It seems to me that whatever microwave you didn’t take, there is still the possibility of some unforeseen incident. You can even buy a touchscreen, set up one mode and show your father which button you need to press to start the program.

I have Panasonic NE-1025F, mostly bought it because of the guide on the front and just simple knob. It is a bit limited in options, but you can’t go wrong with this one, just put stuff in, see how many minutes, turn the knob and that’s it. Should be simple enough. I think you would look for something like that.

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