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I am supporting my Aunt from a distance, and do what i can for her when i see her (gardening, cleaning, errands, online purchases). However, recently she got a new tv. I managed to fix it up to her digital box but she keeps pressing the wrong buttons on the remote and then the picture goes. Then she is left without a TV, and i try to advise over the phone but its nearly every day now. Has anyone got any advice, or had similar issues, and how did you manage them.
Very grateful for any advice

Perhaps labelling the buttons will help? Does she live alone or not?

google search
Try to get a easy to use control
not recommendations

Try to limit the number of buttons so less complicated. It’s quite ridiculous the number of buttons on some remotes.

Thank you both, that’s great. I’ll have a look at the links - i didnt realise that you could get simpler remotes. I’ll try labelling for now and then look at the options. Great starting point, thanks so much for the links too. Very much appreciated

just looked at the links for the remotes - really great - thank you again x

Sorry, in answer to your question, she does live alone - but she has a friend who lives in the same sheltered housing. He’s tried to help but the huge number of buttons has them both foxed (and me too, if im honest!, especially over the phone).

A new remote will have to be set up for use with her TV/digital box so in the meantime it might help you to giver her advice over the phone if you have a picture of her remote with a note as to what each button is used for.

Susieq - yes! i should have taken a picture on my phone. I will do that, brilliant idea.

If she can read/follow simple instructions, then you could do what we did for my mum when she got her new television/remote.

We wrote down (as simply as possible!) the stages to go through to “wake up” the TV, change channels and close it down. These were typed up (nice big bold black print on day-glo paper - not so easy to get lost), two or three copies were printed (one to use and a couple of spares) and then laminated them so that they were safe from spilled drinks etc.

Hope this may help!

I highly recommend labeling over the remote control as one of the best ways that ease her to understand the patterns to access the TV Channels.

There are so many innovative products for seniors, and you could check the following.

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