Caring for Grandad

Hello everyone,

I’m Fiona, I’m 33 and currently live at home with my 82 yr old grandad. His wife/ my nan was in a care home but recently passed away due to Dementia. Whilst my grandad is mostly independent and can a lot for himself and is mostly of sound mind, he does struggle. I try my best to support him and find ways to help when i’m not around but he has been struggling with simple tasks lately. I don’t know if this is a mixture of age, the loss of his wife or something else, maybe all of the above? I would love it if anyone can share any hints and tips to help support him with day to day tasks in the house or help him remembering little things? His main issue is changing the channel over on the tv. He really struggles to remember which remote to use and how to switch the channel. I have written instructions down but it still doesn’t help

Any ideas??

Hello Fiona and welcome to the forum.

As far as the TV remote is concerned I’d suggest getting an enlarged picture of the the appropriate remote on which you can write which buttons to use to change channels etc. You can usually find a picture of the remote in either the TV manual or online - pieces of paper can get lost so it would be a good idea to laminate it ! If you haven’t got a printer at home then most copy shops can enlarge it for you and they would also be able to laminate it after you’ve written in the instructions.

When I was caring for my Mum I found a whiteboard in the kitchen was very useful for noting all sorts of thinks I needed her to remember - like the fact I would be out of the house at certain set times :slight_smile: I also noted on there things like my mobile number and my sister’s numbers - even what we would be having dinner that night !

Wrist watch with alarm or vibration option. Match tasks to times etc.

Alexa with programmed reminders.

Not suggesting Granddad has dementia but the aids maybe of help.

What are your parents doing?