I’m new here.

Hi, my dad has recently been diagnosed with dementia and I was wanting to set up support for myself.
He lives 30 miles away from me and still in his own home. He’s 87 and lives alone.
We’ve had a needs assessment done last year before he was diagnosed. He is comfortably well off financially so I know he will probably have to pay for any extra services.
He receives attendance allowance. I have lasting power of attorney and have in the last 2 months taken control of all his finances as he gave out his credit card to someone on the phone.
It’s probably that I need support to know I’m doing the right thing and also how to approach situations.
I would really like him to receive meals delivered , probably the ones from Wiltshire which have seemed good. When I broached this with him he was adamant he could manage, but is on his 3rd microwave as he keeps putting foil in it and I worry about him using the electric hob as he falls asleep so quickly.
Do I just arrange it as a fate accompli so he has time to adjust before he gets too forgetful.
Sorry this is so long! Any advice will be much appreciated

As money is available, arrange for a “cleaner” to go in to do the “heavy” work to save you doing it. Only the cleaner is really a carer keeping an eye on him! Did you know he is exempt from Council Tax as he has den
Mentia as it is a “severe mental impairment”.

If for the time being. You think he is fairly safe. You need to put in some safety procedures. Should he be using a microwave. There are plenty of meals that can go in the oven. Does in need someone there when making meals.

Does he have a pendant alarm system. Are all the rooms - have smoke detectors etc. You could remove the hob knobs.

Not recommending just for you to see what’s out there.


Are you able to put in cameras. Not to spy but strategically placed. Connected to you phone. So you could check a few times a day. Also you could possible contact an alarm system.