Managing Medication

We’re seeking any tips you have on managing someone’s medication, from having a contingency plan like this one (MyBackUp): MyBackUp to using tech aids like Jointly: Jointly app for carers | Carers UK . Your ideas will help inform a new resource. Online tools to help with caring | Carers UK

@Paola_Carers_UK the biggest problem we have is the successful ordering of repeat meds and obtaining them, due to communication issues with the surgery and pharmacies having difficulties obtaining the meds.


The medication of mental and physical health relies on the trust and relationship between the prescriber, the nursing team and the patient. I feel concerned that our carees are understood as patients who want to get better and are supported by teams who have the time to administer medication and monitor carefully their patients. The lack of support and oversight of medication is a great concern for me, it must be hard to train as a medic to then feel you do not have the necessary time and resources to provide the care your patients need.


Thank you for the feedback @Melly1 and @Ula , I have shared it with our Information Team.

I took over ‘control’ of setting up G’s meds a few months ago because he was becoming forgetful and mixing things up along with not monitoring what he had in stock so would run out and then have a panic as I had to try to get an emergency Prescription from the GP - all of that was getting embarrassing.

I got him a weekly pill box a few years back which proved very useful and he would set that up weekly. I noticed he was sometimes getting mixed up when he set it up each week and had to tip them all out on the table and sort them (not easy as several are VERY similar shape/colour/size) which is why I suggested that I should do it. what was taking him over an hour now takes me 10-15 minutes once a week.

I produced a simple spreadsheet with each item listed - he takes a handful of Supplement as well so those are tacked on the bottom of the list) and each week I note how many are left. That way I can see at least a week ahead, what is running out and then ask him to put in an order online - still involving him in the process so he doesn’t feel pushed aside. I try to combine putting in an order for my monthly meds so it is only one trip to collect. Until I took it onboard I was making three or more trips a month.

The spreadsheet also means I can update the list quickly and easily and should we need an ambulance the paramedics can have a copy which is up to date on arrival. If he goes to hospital the same applies. In case of the hospital, I can tell them exactly how many of each tablet he has and on discharge I can check to see what has been used and what he still has available. The daily boxes also mean that not only can HE keep track of what doses he’s had, if going to hospital it is all set up ready and I dont have to reliquish control of the main stock unless in for a longer period.

Not sure if that’s the sort of comment you were looking for @Paola_Carers_UK but it’s how we work things and find it eases the pressure.


Thank you for the feedback Chris, that’s very helpful. Sounds like having a spreadsheet helps to keep track on managing your partners medication and ease pressure. I wonder if his tool could help others too?