Looking after your ‘cared for’ and yourself!

As I had a heart attack last year, I am on a lot of medication. I have found it quite hard to
remember my own needs as well as my husbands whom I care for.
One day I went to collect some meds from the pharmacy and thought they were for my husband.
But they couldn’t be found. On returning home I realised I should have been
collecting my own! One time I almost gave my husbands date of birth over the phone instead
of my own!
I have tried writing down when medications need to be reordered or collected in a notebook
but even then I can get it wrong. maybe some kind of a wall chart could help?
Any ideas from other members would be appreciated.

Some health professionals have no idea of a Carers life. Recently I had a steroid injection
in my thumb for arthritis and was told not to use it that day. I said I have to get evening meal
for my husband and they said ‘order fish and chips’ despite the face I was not to drive

Rose, you are doing too much. Start by having a new Carers Assessment completed by Social Services.
Can I ask how old you are? I’m now 67, with health issues. My biggest challenge is not getting over tired, because then I really can’t cope.

Regarding medication, I used to use a diary. My cared for person takes Ditropan as he has serious bladder issues. In a diary, I wrote down times when he needed to take it and why as well. Once a month I check to make sure we have enough. If we need to replenish, I email the pharmacy asking for a refill.

We have a repeat prescription. I use clear plastic bags with his name and the name of the medication on them as well. I also always highlight appt times on letters using a blue highlighter pen. It helps me remember to attend. For school related issues/events, I use a orange one and for all my caree’s benefits paperwork, purple. Everything else is highlighted in red. Standout colors are best.

Ask for a needs assessment. Call the local council and request one tomorrow or email today.

I use one of those long slim month to view calendars pinned to the wall in the kitchen, appointments are kept on there, along with the actual letter kept behind the calendar. Monthly prescriptions are actually dispensed to cover 28 days - four weeks - I mark on the calendar when I have to order my wife’s meds (monthly) and then it’s a simple step to mark another four weeks on once it’s been done.

For actually dispensing her meds, this is pinned to the back of the cupboard door where they’re kept:-

Well thanks but had an assessment earlier this year and I did manage a 6 day holiday end of October but that seems a longtime ago now! I have been given funding to spend on a holiday next year or
whatever but it isn’t easy to do much as my husband can’t really do much at all just now. He is 85 andI am 73. Fortunately I do sleep quite well. If I’m over tiredI dont function very well . My husband does manage his personal care and I only have to help with pressure socks so he is not really eligible for Carers to come in. My husband won’t go into respite care so I can only get away when our son can come to stay.