Do you use the "Jointly App" for carers?

I’ve been using the “Jointly App” for a while now and think it is fantastic.

If anyone else on here uses it… how do you handle making sure medication is ordered every 4 weeks?

I have tried using repeating ‘Reminders’ or ‘Tasks’ but can’t get it working. I seem to have to work out a list of dates myself and type in each order reminder in separately, so it can be ticked off as completed.

Help please?!

Hi Mira,

that does sound annoying. I don’t have experience of the app, but others on here might.

I’ll email Carer’s Uk and see if they can advise.

Sorry, haven’t used Jointly.

Hello Mira. I’m glad that you’ve been finding the Jointly app helpful in your caring role.

Thanks for your question on how to order medication every four weeks. I’ve passed this to my colleagues who manage Jointly and will post their response in this topic when I receive it.

With good wishes


Hello again Mira

In response to your question our colleague Geoff has provided some really helpful guidance in the attached document. Geoff said that there isn’t a standard way of ordering medication every four weeks, so you will need to set up a custom reminder.

He has also recorded a short video which he hopes will help you to do this (see link below).

If you have any further issues with using Jointly, please contact:


Jointly Medication remeinder instructions.docx (292.3 KB)