Yesterday, Friday 8th February I went to collect my husbands repeat prescription from his nominated chemist something I’ve been doing for a long time. I’d ordered 2 items through Patient Access as its quicker that way, only 1 item was there the second hadn’t been authorised by the practice even though Patient Access told me it was. I phoned the practice to find out the problem & was told that the medication was on a restricted list & I’d have to collect the prescription myself from the practice. Now I am the sole carer for my husband who’s disabled & nearly 81 so my time is at a premium which is why I have a nominated chemist for all his prescription items to save myself time & petrol for the journey to the practice. To say I was annoyed is rather an understatement as for at least the last year I’d ordered this medication through Patient Access & had no trouble plus nobody had written to tell us of the change in arrangements neither did it flash up on the Access site to say that it couldn’t go to my chemist by email so I expressed my considerable displeasure to the receptionist & am now awaiting a phone call from the pharmacy team at the practice as to whether we continue with the previous arrangement & why they’ve changed the practice without telling anybody!
So my question is has anybody experienced this problem themselves or is it just my practice being awkward

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Hi Helen
I think the restricted medications need to be requested in person by GP whereas routine medications can be rolled off automatically by electronic means over to pharmacy. I think a hand requested prescription could be done at the practice and collected by pharmacy collection service rather than sent by email. It may be worth lookinmg for an alternative pharmacy who collect fromt he surgery if your current one is not doing this.

As already said (so, just to confirm) prescriptions for restricted medicines can’t be sent electronically. There has to be a physical/manual method of transfer.


I know restricted medicines like tramadol, controlled drugs cannot go by electronic prescription, 15 items can go electronically, but one has to go manually.

One item you have to go and pick up a manual bit of paper and take it to the chemist , or some chemists pick it up for you.

And I was told by the chemist that electronic prescriptions don’t go straight to the chemist, they go through a hub, our chemist is open until 10pm based in a supermarket. The GP closes at 6pm, some prescriptions come through at 9.30pm, that’s the way they do it.

But can the chemist deliver the items to your house, a lot of chemists do a full service, collect prescriptions from the GP, dispence and deliver to your door, that would save petrol and hassle.