Lost single person council tax discount

One of my carees temporarily moved back in with her mother who is single living alone in her house . Her illness is such that she just cannot live on her own at the moment.

So the mother has lost the 25 per cent single persons discount on the council tax.

Is there anything that can be done its only temporary until the daughter is a bit better.

Claim medical grounds for the move?

Contact the Carers UK helpline, there are certain circumstances where a carer can be disregarded.

In the old days there used to be a disregard for someone who moved in for the purposes of providing care if they had a main residence elsewhere. I’m not sure if that disregard vanished or whether it became distretionary to the LAs- have a google at the list of disregards on your LA website.


Can I claim a single-person council tax discount ?

Council tax bills are based on the assumption that two adults occupy the property as their main home.

If it’s occupied by only one resident, the bill is reduced by 25% - known as the single-person discount.

Some people are not counted as a second resident for the purposes of council tax, even if they live in the property.

You may qualify for a single-person discount if you share your home with one of the following people:

an apprentice studying for a recognised qualification

a young person (under 25) in approved training

a full-time student (attending university or college, or under the age of 20 and studying A levels or their equivalent)

an 18 or 19-year-old in full-time education
a student nurse

resident hospital patients

people living in care homes

people who are severely mentally impaired

people staying in hostels or night shelters

carers (providing at least 35 hours’ care a week) if they are not the main resident’s husband, wife or civil partner


monks and nuns

members of visiting forces

individuals with diplomatic privileges and immunities.